Meeting Info:

Location: Building 163, Room 1015

When: Tuesdays

Time: U-Hour: 12pm – 1pm

Price:$40 for academic year, includes t-shirt, HTCIA membership, and access to meetings and workshops.

Forensics and Security Technology

Description: CAL POLY FAST is the official Cal Poly Pomona student chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association. We aim to expose students to Digital Forensics, Cyber crime, and Cyber Security through knowledge development, hands-on workshops, and real world experiences.

Why you should join the Club: Students should join FAST if they want to work on projects that have never been done before. I believe students only gain limited exposure inside the classroom and half of the learning process is done through extra curricular activities. FAST is a collaboration of some of the brightest cyber students at the school. Not only do students gain technical skills, many of them also make life long friends.


  • Set up a learning environment for club members IoT devices.

  • Offensive security team for Cal Poly.

  • Creating a vulnerable server that students could connect to work on from home.

  • Drone hacking.

Events, workshops, and competitions:

Capture the Flag (CTF)

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