Polysec Lab Project

Our goal is to create an affordable educational model for cyber physical system security within industrial control systems.

There is an educational gap between the curriculum of engineering students who are learning fundamentals of control systems and those in the field of cyber security.

Recent attacks to different nations critical infrastructures have brought to light that have a security conscious control system and network design is of great importance.

The issue in education is not only that this is a newly emerging field, but that labs for testing these systems can get extremely expensive and it is a challenge to gather of all the tools and software packages needed to experiment in an industrial control environment.

We plan to combine our own code with open source software packages, affordable computing tools such as ISA kit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create labs that can be recreated inexpensively, while not having a detrimental effect on the learning experience.

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Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

The mission of the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) system is to provide institutions with an information assurance or computer security curriculum a controlled, competitive environment to assess their student’s depth of understanding and operational competency in managing the challenges inherent in protecting a corporate network infrastructure and business information systems.
CCDC Events are designed to:
  • Build a meaningful mechanism by which institutions of higher education may evaluate their programs.
  • Provide an educational venue in which students are able to apply the theory and practical skills they have learned in their course work.
  • Foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior, and effective communication both within and across teams.
  • Create interest and awareness among participating institutions and students.
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National Cyber League

The NCL was founded in May 2011 with the goal of providing a training ground for collegiate students to develop and practice their cybersecurity skills though combined individual and team exercises.
The NCL is committed to creating the most educational, challenging, and entertaining cyber competitions possible, which is accomplished in the following ways:
  • Providing an inclusive individual and team competitive sport experience
  • Creating a fun, experiential learning opportunity where students demonstrate skills/knowledge sets
  • Promoting proficiency for specific cyber skills
  • Preparing teams for other cyber exercises, such as the Cyber Patriot, Digital Forensics Challenge, National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC)
  • Continuing the acquisition of skills tied to curriculum, industry needs, and professional certifications
  • Enriching the classroom learning experience.
  • Promoting industry participation
  • Addressing the lack of qualified cyber security professionals nationally
  • Aligning exercises to academic calendar (e.g., semesters)
  • Providing a mechanism by which schools/students can assess the effectiveness of their curriculum (e.g., semesters)
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National Cyber Security Competition Federation

The Cybersecurity Competition Federation (CCF), currently in development, is an association of academic, industry and government organizations with a common interest in supporting cybersecurity competitions and the competitors they serve. CCF members share the common goal of building awareness, endorsing ethical standards, improving participant experience, building a common understanding of diverse competition tasks, helping those who oversee activities and competitions and ensuring a developmental pathway of cybersecurity-based activities that support the growth of cybersecurity skills.
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Southern California Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation

We have several events to promote student involvement in the cyber world.
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