Meeting Info:

Location: Building 162, Room 1001

Time: U-Hour: 12pm -1pm

When: Tuesdays

Price: $40 for the academic year, includes t-shirt, and access to SWIFT discounts to professional and industry leading conferences and events.

Students with an Interest in Future Technology

Description: We are Students with an Interest in the Future of Technology, we are the premier information technology and security organization at Cal Poly Pomona. We aim to inspire and create a generation of students who are aware and capable of dealing with the dynamic landscape of information security, cyber security, and information technology. Together we can build a secure future through training, experience, and education. Let’s work together to create and learn something new. Don’t just take our word for it. Whether you are an industry professional or a curious student, take a look at our previous events. While you’re at it, come to one of our unique workshops, trainings, or conferences and become SWIFT.

Why Cal Poly students should joinA very specific kind of hands-on experience: technical club and business clubs. Alumni networking, passionate people and work to help you learn. Family environment, like and respect. Applicable skills for the job market.


  • SWIFT Labs Initiative – empowers students to work on their own projects.

  • Pentesting laboratory in the telecom/SDN lab.

Events, workshops, and competitions: SWIFT Academy – Weekly Friday workshops talking about essential security topics such as intro to Linux, intro to networking, Windows exploitation, network forensics, IoT, and ham radio workshops.

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) – An active defense exercise where students are dropped into unfamiliar environments and are given security and business tasks.

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